Postgresql functions as backend (p.2: REST API)

Oleg Zech
1 min readJan 5, 2021


or “How did we got rid of Django and 3-tier in general and how going back is a huge leap forward”

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So you decided to give it a shot? Welcome to 2000, you will like it. First things first: there’s no framework to hold your hand. Required self-discipline closely resembles Shaolin monks. On the bright side — your performance will too.
Some companies operate for 20 years, stuck with monolithic SQL beast that nobody can maintain.
From where Im standing — this beast is working unmaintained after quarter of the century. Matter of the perspective.
Rest is really human problem. I cant stress this one enough: human problem

Im not saying my way is correct. Im pretty sure there’s a lot to improve.

So you might want to start from establishing the REST API.
First you need PostgREST, so I wish you nice day or two and see you later ;) Do it correctly — thats your API !
Upon finishing installation external applications can start using your database without any drivers etc. I suggest you rev-proxy it via nginx, if this is public